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Each time someone prints a document in color or black and white they are making a micro buying decision for your company. Printer monitoring helps you understand who’s printing, the type of documents they’re printing and how much they’re printing. These insights provide expense visibility, budget predictability and helps you align print devices based on actual usage to minimize downtime and maximize the lifespan of your printers.

  • Imagine a printer expert arriving to your printer before you knew it needed service
  • Imagine printer cartridges delivered automatically before you run out, never to the point of unnecessary inventory
  • Imagine never having to decipher the dreaded and mysterious “error code” on a printer

These results are available right now for your successful printing.

Benefits from Printer Monitoring

  • Extends the Life of Your Printers
  • Proactively Orders Toner Cartridges
  • Prevents Overstocking
  • Receives Fact Based Usage Data
  • Creates Predictable Budgets
  • Identifies New Savings Opportunities
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Welcome to CW Printer Pulse

A breakthrough asset management technology that puts printing in the hands of a localized and invested printer partner that surveys your printer health and monitors supply levels to ensure your printer is always stocked. Delivery of products is always on us.

CW Printer Pulse allows IT people and office managers the time to focus on key projects; and for your printers to do what they were meant to do: print when and how you want them to print.

CW Printer Pulse is available at no cost with any Cartridge World managed print service or printer program. We will always keep our fingers on the pulse of your printer experience.

Avoid Printer Downtime

Printer disruption strains budgets and productivity. On average, printer repair costs are three times as expensive as the price tag for a new printer.

Optimized Efficiency

A CW partner safely encodes your printer or printer fleet, gaining the ability to digitally inventory and monitor your devices. All inventory or service needs are alerted to us, and we’ll deliver products and services automatically before you run out, based on your desires. Inventory and costs are improved, as a result.

Healthier Printer Environment

Beyond minimal downtime, get a healthy printer environment. We’ll manage your printer environment and remove issues as part of a sensible managed print service.

Safe and Secure Printing

CW Printer Pulse is secure and meets the standards of your IT department, network software, or security team. This powerful reporting tool will also give your business valuable insights. Device data is encrypted and transmitted via HTTPS and SNMPv3. It does not collect/store user data/personal information.

Cartridge World Franchise Owner Testimonials

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The peace of mind of being able to predict our total copy/print cost is invaluable. I cannot imagine not having this printer program, ever again.

Richard BernsteinPresident, Huntington Learning Center

Cartridge World monitored our printing habits and came up with the best solutions for our office.

Nicole DillOffice Manager, Barry Dental Center

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