We were supposed to have paperless offices by 2017 because technology evolves so quickly and millennials, those prolific digital natives, were expected to perform all their tasks with a keyboard and screen. The paperless office was supposed to drive down the need to print. However, the opposite is happening.

Even as millennials come of age, the demand to print at work and home remains strong. This is evident in the 106 trillion printer sales around the world every year. In the United States, the amount of printing going on translates to more than 300 million inkjet cartridges and 70 million laser cartridges sold annually. On average, office workers use 10,000 sheets of paper every year.

Ironically, it’s partly the large amount of information on the Internet and the many digital devices we have now that’s driving the demand to print. At work, people are still printing documents stored online. At home, plane tickets, personal emails and CVs/resumes are some of the most printed items. Cartridge World’s survey, “What Keeps You Printing,” found workers are also printing emails and letters, as well as documents. According to the survey, people are mostly printing coupons, recipes and photographs at home.

While so much of the printing is still being done from desktop and laptop computers, printing from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is becoming more prevalent. Most businesses are interested in setting up mobile print capabilities, especially with a workforce that is constantly on the go.

Despite all the advances in technology, people continue to print because the tactile sensation of holding information on paper remains innate and easier to absorb. It also provides us with a greater sense of security in many cases, too. The printed page provides us with a break from our computer screens, too.

Regardless of what you print or how you print it, Cartridge World can help with all your business and home printing needs. The global brand has local experts at each location to keep you printing. View our infographic above for more information.

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