Considering the number of employees that you have working in your office that use the printer on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that printing mistakes are regularly made. Most specifically, there are three key areas where employees commonly make mistakes:


1. Leaving Confidential Information On The Printer


We all have the best intentions of immediately picking up confidential information that we have printed; however, there are times that your employees will be caught on a phone call or tied up in a meeting and will not be able to get to the printer right away.

Fortunately, this does not need to be a problem in your office. With the enhancements to today’s printing software, the technology will actually wait for your employees to come to the printer before printing such confidential information.


2. Incorrectly Loading Paper


Very few workplaces are lucky enough to have one dedicated person that is responsible for loading paper in the printer. This means that any and every employee in your office will likely be responsible for reloading the printer with paper at one point or another. Inform your employees of the right way to load paper. Most reams of paper make it extremely easy for people to understand how to load the printer properly, such as including an arrow on the packaging to instruct which way is up.


3. Tossing Used Print Cartridges In The Trash


The typical office runs through a large quantity of print cartridges throughout the year, and the majority of these are tossed in the trash. Did you know that print cartridges are not biodegradable and can take up to 10 centuries to finally decompose in a landfill? You can do something about this and start a print cartridge recycling program in your office. This can be as easy as placing the old print cartridge in the new packaging and returning it to use for recycling.

These three common mistakes can all be easily avoided simply by making your employees aware that there is a better and more efficient way of printing in the workplace. Contact your local Cartridge World today to speak with a print expert today to receive a free print assessment!

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