Kick-off to our Cartridge World “Printerest” Series


Summer is a memory, the kids are busy in school, and you can almost hear the sound of leaves crunching under the feet of trick-or-treaters. It’s an excellent time to get cozy and work on some fall hobbies. How about crafting? Solely using the resources in your home, the arts have become extremely accessible and cost-efficient.

Did you know your home printer can be used for much more than printing your kids’ homework? You’re about to find out as we kick off our new “Printerest” Series from Cartridge World! Allow us to help you kick start your journey as a tech-savvy Martha Stewart.


I can’t believe it’s not luxury napkins! 


We mentioned summer is a memory, but that doesn’t mean it’s the ending of barbeques. Where there’s a grill, there’s a way. If you’re hosting a party and are looking to save some money on swanky napkins, check out how to print your own, personalized decorations on otherwise plain napkins!



All you need to do is create a saying or design in any word processor on your computer. Then load your printed napkin into an inkjet printer. Make sure to leave the napkin folded once to have the correct thickness to run through the printer. The rest is printing magic.


Sacks for all seasons


Customized lunch bags for your kids are always a sweet touch. You’ll be honored by many in school cafeteria conversations. Check out how to print graphics on paper lunch bags to brighten up a bland day or personalize a gift exchange!


All it takes is a lunch sack (both ends taped) and a neat graphic on your word processor or paint program.


For more than next year’s potato race 


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This can definitely be said for the discarded burlap bags hanging around your garage. Turn the remnants of your summer garden project into a home craft project. See how to print on a sackcloth surface with your home printer to create DIY invitations, decorations, and whatever else your crafty heart desires.



With an iron and some freezer paper, you’ll be creating burlap crafts that will impress the entire neighborhood.


Like a Candle in the Win


Are you looking to get a jump start on some holiday gifts for your family? Learn how to use your printer to transfer your favorite family photos onto candles or dress up those drab candles you have hanging around!



This craft is a bit more complicated than the others but worth every drop of wax. Check out Crazy Craft Lady’s video tutorial to make it easy:



You’re set until Halloween, and we’ll be back with more “Printerest” content before then.


Any of these projects look like something you’re interested in trying— but maybe you don’t have a quality printer at home? Not to worry! Cartridge World offers innovative printing solutions that include buying or leasing brand printers to satisfy any budget. A local printer partner will help save you time and money; and you’ll be on your way to wowing your family and friends with your next DIY printing craft. Life and autumn are good. Contact us today.

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