The printer in your home office is great for concert tickets, coupons and homework assignments, but that printer has more potential than just printing different documents on paper. New printing technology allows you to make a variety of crafts and even edible treats in your home office. Check out what unexpected things your printer is capable of:

  1. Make Edible Treats

Trendy cakes and cupcakes have been popular for the past few years, with their creative flavors and over-the-top decorations. These decorations were once limited to frosting flowers, but now you can get a realistic recreation of anything you want – from purses to sports gear. While you may not have the necessary ingredients to make all of these embellishments at home, your printer can get you started in the cake decorating game.

Edible ink and paper are available for most inkjet printers. Be sure to use edible ink specifically made for cakes, and make sure not to cross-contaminate the edible ink with your regular ink.

With special edible paper, you can print elaborate designs to put directly onto your cake. Print photos for birthdays or graduation, and feature the guest of honor on your tasty dessert. This cool craft allows you to feed both your creativity and your party guests.

  1. Make T-Shirts

Graphic tees at stores can get boring and repetitive, but with your home printer, you can make and wear your own custom designs. There are a variety of methods to get your design on fabric, but some of the most popular items are iron-ons and stabilizer paper.

Iron-on designs are a simple and low cost option to get your design on fabric. It’s also a practical alternative for those who want to avoid putting the fabric directly in the printer. Iron-on sheets can be found at any craft store. This special paper allows you to turn your printed designs into fashion statements. Simply load the special paper in your printer, use your regular ink and iron it on your shirt of choice. Make sure your design is dry before you attempt to transfer it.

Stabilizer paper allows you to print directly onto fabric. You simply attach the stabilizer paper to the wrong side of the fabric allowing it to go through the printer without wrinkling. Once you’ve printed and the design is dry, you can remove the paper and use the fabric as you would normally. Use your new paper design on a t-shirt, pillow or anything other fabric design.

  1. Make Toys

Printable toys are easy and inexpensive. All it takes to make a great toy is the printer paper you already have on-hand and some coloring and folding skills. You can create a DIY design or find a template online. From simple pop-up houses to more complex models, there’s an option for everyone. Making printable toys is also a wonderful activity to let kids use their creativity and enjoy the results of their hard work.

A printer is capable of so much more than just printing text. With the right tools and creativity, anything is possible. Try out these crafts for your next party, and impress guests by telling them you printed it.

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